Thursday, 4 October 2012

Just In - Aclimatise 3 Layer Shell

This just landed in the door step, it's a jacket using a 3 layer version of a new fabric which is "thermoregulating". I'm going to learn what this means, hopefully. I've got it to run it through is paces. I've been talking to the owner who is keen to refine this jacket to be real contender. I'm hoping to assist Aclimatise in doing this. MyOutdoors has had a pre-production waterproof fleece(yes, waterproof fleece!) for a while and has just had the revised version in recently.

This hardshell version weighs on the cheap scales 700g for the large. It has 2 big chest pockets, a technical hood with a wired peak, velcro cuffs and an elastic drawcord around the full hem.

The material has a nice feel to it almost soft shell like. The idea of the thermoregulating material is to maintain an optimum body temperature in any weather condition. It is claimed that the material is waterproof, windproof and breathable. I plan to test all these theories.

It's coming out with me this weekend so we'll see how it performs. I'll let you know...