Monday, 31 December 2012

Is That the Year Over?

It's been quiet on this blog over the past couple of months, there's been a lot going on outside of the hills. However behind the scenes it's been busy. For me I left a job that was driving me in to the ground, the main thing that has allowed my head to stay in that position for so long was getting on the hills. Finally it was time to call it a day and a new path has been forged. It is a little uncertain but plans are in place and I am confident it will all turn out well.
The year, in respect to the outdoors, has been pretty good. I have got myself out on the hill reasonably regularly, everything to culminate in the big trip in August. The majority of the time I have been out with my usual crew but this year has brought a few new names to the call sheet.
In February Mr Petesy organised a little gathering in the hills of Arrochar where I met up with a few good outdoor folk and this has resonated throughout the year with meet ups on the hill and a regular lunch at Tiso in Glasgow.
Another trip in May led to a failed attempt of the Welsh 3000's. I went down with Del and met up with Kelvin. It was possibly the hottest day of the year and I boiled to core. 2013 will bring a 2nd and more successful trip. I don't like leaving these things undone. It did open my eyes to what else lies in Snowdonia as we ventured beyond the shadow of the Welsh Goliath. 
After that there was several trips up local hills to keep my hill legs strong and whilst on a family week away to Arran I managed to get out on a very sodden island.

Then the big trip, thought about for a couple of years and planned down to every factor we had control of. I have a partially written blog in draft for the summit day but there are elements of the trip on the blog.

Following that it all went a bit flat, the quiet after the storm. Needless to say I have still been out on a couple of mountains and met with new walking comrades.

For 2013 there is no one major goal, like I said the Welsh 3000's need completing. I have also been convinced that participating in a Tough Mudder is a good idea. There are some other offerings but definitely my climbing rack needs to gain a few more scratches. Hopefully winter will bring some good conditions for some climbing and winter ridges. The rest we will see what the future holds on and off the hill.
I wish everyone a fantastic New Year and hope 2013 brings all you wish for and there is plenty of time spent on the mountains.

Aw Ra Best,