Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Development Up The Road

I haven't been out on my bike for a while, I am not really known for my biking but it's a good past time when I can't get away to a hill. I do want to do more mountain biking and that opportunity may have presented itself.
In an area not far from where I live it was revealed that the Commonwealth games mountain biking track was going to built. So today I thought I'd take a cycle by and see what was happening. On the road that runs by it I had noticed the construction site before.
When I got there I didn't expect to find anything more than that, I mean, the games aren't until next year!
What I found was the beginnings of a track network that wound through the tree-line and immediate surroundings. There are sweeping corners with raised banks, jumps, old logs cut through and some sharp down-hills to to make it more interesting.

It's not finished yet and there are a few quite deep puddles. I am sure this is going to be amazing when it's finished, even at the stage it's at there were a few bikes on the track and I think it will only get busier. Especially when the weather starts to improve or when we get our 4 days of sun this year.
There isn't a track map on the Glasgow 2014 site, I don't even know if there will be. I might even try and use Social Hiking to trace the track system up there.

You will see more of the development of the area on here. I'll be looking forward to when the proper MTBer's arrive next year. My biggest hope though is that this area will interest some kids into serious mountain biking and bring on some huge talent.
A sports cap is required!
I will definitely be going there to get muddy again very soon.