Monday, 25 May 2015

Keen For An Evening Stroll

The other day I decided to go out for an evening bimble, as I am travelling up and down to Aberdeen lately I decided I would catch Mount Keen on the way to Glasgow. I went in from the south from Glen Esk, the route on Walk Highlands looked simple and a incline was fairly gradual.
It was a clear and warm night and the track was obvious so it made for easy navigation.
A couple of miles in there is a well with this structure over it, it was to commemorate the visit of Queen Victoria. She drank from the well, not something I would advise now.
Once passed the cottage beside the Queens Well this is when the track starts to gain some altitude, very gradual and nothing too difficult.
My shadow grew longer and the evening continued to be very pleasant. The views were pretty special.
The summit is pretty rocky and there is a wind shelter that has been constructed which was a welcome relief as it was pretty breezy up there,
As I was making my sunset coffee, to my surprise I heard voices. When I popped my head over I saw two guys with mountain bikes. After a quick discussion it turns out they were running a bit late after making a wrong turn. From here they were heading home and were in danger of missing the take away! I bid them farewell and they set off north. I hope they made it.
Once I got a few shots of the sun dropping I headed back down the path. It was getting late and I had a couple of hours drive once I got back to the car.
After I took the picture below and I was putting my camera I heard a snorting noise. It did kind of spook me for a second. When I was walking back along the track there was then a rumbling, it was a herd of deer. It was actually an awesome sight, of what I could see of it, just a silhouette of maybe about a dozen deer. Very impressive!
The four hours of walking was worth it. The sights and sounds of an evening walk was welcome right now. With the long evenings I hope to do it again soon.