Wednesday, 12 October 2011

First Blog

Well this is the beginning of something new for our little band of adventurers. We’re on the web!!

This has been an idea for a while; first thoughts were of a web site. This was investigated and can take up a lot of time and was quite costly for something that may not be worthwhile. In the long term this may happen but we’re testing the water with this blogger. It’s a little self-indulgent and we’re not sure if anyone will be interested. We are aware that there are hundreds of web sites, blogs, Facebook pages even Twitterers doing exactly the same thing. So, we’ll see??

Over the course of our postings we will hopefully have something that will interest you enough to keep coming back? We expect to blog about all the things that interest us about the outdoors and hopefully you too. Things it may include; our progression in climbing, developing our navigation, improving our fitness, finding new places to explore and bringing photos back from them but especially the gear. Amongst us we have many different preferences on gear, what we all agree on is that it has to work. We live and play (mainly) in Scotland, it needs to!

As we mentioned in our ‘about us’ the WA exists because we are aware we have problem. The outdoors and the lifestyle associated with it as always present in how we look at everything. What would be useful on the hill, what could keep us dryer longer, right down to how will I keep my beans warm? Maybe this will be our outlet that will remedy our issue. Probably not though…

We’ll try to keep the blogs short and sharp so not to bore any readers that may wander by. We’ll try, remember!!

Maybe we’ll catch you next time