Monday, 24 September 2012

Wasn't Expecting a View

Del and I went for a little leg stretch today up to the Cobbler. The forecast was horrendous so we prepared for the worst, waterproofs close to hand. When we arrived it was cloudy but the cloud base hadn't covered the peaks but we figured it wouldn't be long. 

We started off in base layers and I donned the gillet. It did spit a little and further up the wind picked up, blowing us off our feet a bit at one point.

We had a casual walk up the rear path and went up on to the north peak and were back down at the car in three and a half hours. Following Chamonix I haven't been on the hill much so blowing the cob webs away and stretching my legs felt good.

I hope the pictures do the scenery justice as all this rain we've been subjected to have made the surroundings so green. 

Anyway, the forecasted weather hit early afternoon. Fortunately we were heading back down the road at this point.