Wednesday, 6 June 2012

In Memory of a Mug

All blogs are self indulgent of varying degrees. This particular post is one of the most indulgent and I apologise for it now. It will be short and, hopefully, painless...

When I came back from a recent trip I found my coffee mug to have a large chunk missing from its lip. I don't know how it happened and nobody in my household was able. My heart sunk when I saw it.

I know it's just a mug and I have many others in my cupboard. This one had a certain amount of sentimental value to it. I'm not really the sentimental type but here I am petting fingers to keyboard. It came from an another life in a different world. Sounds dramatic I know and at some point in the future I might write about it.

The vessel had it's faults, which isn't surprising given who issued it.

The handle was upside down...


 ...and there was spelling mistakes in the print, which happens on this blog regularly. However, I didn't spell check that one so can't be held responsible.

It did hold a whole lot of hot liquid though and I have had it for a long time and it is well travelled. It never went camping though. I have looked at on the window ledge for a week now trying decide what to do with it. Too much stuff is cluttering up the place so I figured I would clutter up the web with it instead. I have (sadly) taken pictures of it and when I have finished this post it is going straight in the bin.

So, in memory of a mug. I hope there are still some of them out there, I hope this isn't the last one to Support itself and it is in good Company.


 Cheers, Royal!