Monday, 21 May 2012

Nutrition on the Go

Okay folks, I am appealing for a little assistance. I'm hitting the Welsh 3000ers this weekend with Kelvin. He's been training hard for an ultra marathon and his plan was to do this route ever weekend in May. The first 2 attempts fell short due to injury of his companion. His 3rd attempt was a huge success crashing it in 17hrs 34min! Wow! Apparently there was a couple stops.

It's these stops I need to capitalise on, along with on the route snacks. My appeal is nutritional advise. I need to carry enough calories to maintain a constant fuel source. I don't believe in energy gels and the likes, they give a false high. I need constant nutrition to keep my legs moving. I don't plan to move at great speed but I want to keep momentum.

My initial plan is to start with a big bowl of porridge, take boil in the bag meals, a load of granola/nutragrain type bars, some chocolate and a couple of energy drinks. At the moment there is no more plan then that.

All advice, pointers, experience or links appreciated.