Sunday, 7 December 2014

MRT Prize Draw: Update

First of all thank you to all have contributed prizes to the draw and to those who have donated to the draw.
Today was the day that the draw was supposed to take place. I took the executive decision not to do it and postpone the draw for 7 days.
The main reason for this is my intention was to push the fundraising on the last week heavily to maximise the amount raised for the UK Mountain Rescue Teams. I wasn't able to do that because of work commitments. So I don't feel I've done the fundraising justice.

The image below shows what it costs for an individual MRT member in equipment. We need to ensure they are able to equip themselves so that when we need them they can get to us.
The draw will now be on the 14th December 2014. I promise. There are more prizes to update the list with the current list is here.

I hope everyone understands, I just want to make sure I can raise the most for the brave volunteers of the MRT.

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Good Luck!