Monday, 8 December 2014

MRT Prize Draw cont'd

The draw continues for another week, as I said in yesterdays post. I wasn't able to give the draw the final push I wanted to get to the fundraising target.

So it will now be the 14th December. So lets get donating, I really want to give back to the men and women of our fine Mountain Rescue who volunteer their time to make sure we can feel safe on the mountains.

Donating £10 will first off all will support the teams financially in a small way, this image is a rough cost for personal kit only (the picture comes for Lomond MRT twitter page). There is still training, vehicles, insurances, the volunteers time and many other things on top of that. But they risk their lives coming to get us.
I have been fortunate enough never to have used their services but I know there are peaple out there that have. And I also know MRT are at the end of a phone if I need them.

Secondly it will put you in the chance to win some of the prizes below. They will be split into a male and female prize pot and the winner will receive their goodies.

New to the draw -

An exclusive 20l pack from lightweight designer Jep Paks. It has been sent to me all the way from Los Angeles! It's got to be worth a donation on its own.
The next pack is another exclusive, not only it is a fantastically built Osprey Flap Jack Pack, the version I have up for grabs is also embroidered with a Teva logo. There are not many of these about.
Then there was all the gear already listed in the original post

Brynje Base layers from NordicLife

An exclusive framed print from Stewart Smith Photography, below is an example of how stunning his photography is-
A variety of first class outdoor books from Vertebrate publishers, Chris Townsend and Alan Rowan (aka Munro Moonwalker)

 A bottle of whiskey by Scottish Mountain Rescue sponsors, Isle of Skye Whiskey

Enough headtorches to get you through the dark winter from True Mountain and LED Lensers from Scottish MR and myself.

Two water bottles from True Mountain

 Last but certainly not least a one hour white water rafting experience contributed by Outdoor Pursuits Scotland at Pinkston Watersports Centre in Glasgow for 4 people.

So please donate to the the mountain rescue teams, it doesn't matter to which one but both the Scottish Mountain Rescue and the Mountain Rescue England and Wales need our support.

Lets get it done!