Thursday, 26 January 2012

Guest Blogger...Really?!?

The other day I down loaded the Met Office app for Android, I found out about it because My Outdoors tweeted it had been released. I downloaded it pretty much there and then and I responded to the tweet thanking them for highlighting it to me. My Outdoors fires out numerous tweets per day giving out information on just about everything related to the outdoors. I replied because I wondered how much appreciation they actually get for their service and felt a little response might be appreciated?

It seems that response caused me a couple of late nights. Very shortly after my thanks I was asked if I could do a little write up of the app. With a split seconds thought I replied with, coolly, “no problem, give me a couple of days and I’ll check it out.” From then on until I sent the review every spare thought moment was taken up by checking the app out and what I was going to write. I constructed just over 1000 words describing how the app worked, what I thought was good about it and a wee problem I found. I took a couple of pictures of the screen, as my HTC doesn’t take screen grabs, attached the words and the photos to the email and sent it off.

I didn’t expect it to be published, I hoped it would be, but I am still developing my writing style and I know I’ve got a long way to go. It takes me a while to put these things together, hence the two late nights. I knew the grammar could have been better but I would like to write like I speak. I speak crap so if that’s how I write then so be it!

I sent it late at night and sure enough the next morning a tweet arrives telling me it’s going live. What? Something I have written used on a well-established site. Immediately I thought of the rubbish photos of the screen and was thankful for spell check.

During the day here were a few tweets discussing the app. The Met Office even got involved; I hope I didn’t hurt their feelings? Thanks to @UpnDownoutdoors and @AstroNick for their involvement too.

Then towards the end of the day My Outdoors put out their daily. It must have been a slow day because I made it on to the top bit!

There’s a lot of bloggers out here and I am a very small fish in a huge sea of information.  I’m new to this and I haven’t really found a direction yet. It might end up straight down but I’m going to keep spouting babbling words and rubbish photos.

I admit I was quite chuffed to have that article published and thanks to My Outdoors for taking the time to do it. Having an article published isn’t really a big deal for some of the more established bloggers but for me it’s been an interesting day. I got some good feedback from them which I really appreciate. Someone even put a top user rating on it and it wasn’t even my wife!