Sunday, 15 January 2012

Breaking the Ice…

Ben Lomond from Ben Arthur
I have neglected this blog I set up near the end of last year. Too much stuff happening, not enough time to sit down, reflect, download, consider and inform. Inform might be a stretch of my abilities. It’s halfway through January and this is post is just to break the ice for 2012.

Talking about breaking ice, it seems the weather hasn’t allowed us to do that much so far this year. I little incident on the 2nd (nothing too serious) got us blown over; I plan to reflect on that at a later date. There seems to be a lot of people out on those sparsely blanketed crags and walls up here in Scotland, just not our crampon points and ice axe picks. Hopefully another turn in the weather minus hurricane Bawbag will get us vertical again.

So, I’ve read a few blogs looking back on 2011 and setting themselves up for the upcoming year. For us it’s fitness time, not as a resolution, just because we’ve lost it and with a trip coming up in July we’re going to need to be prepared as possible, in every aspect of the word. Our goal is to summit Mont Blanc, not as a technical climb but on the tourist route. We realise this is done by many people and for some out there would be considered a walk in the park, a large high one. But, it still has to be taken seriously. Altitude, gear, fitness and getting there is being planned and allowed for. The only factor we can’t nail down will be the weather, to be fair that’s always a problem even in the UK!

Hopefully there will be other mini-adventures this year. I have a couple of thoughts, which may not come to anything, but I’ll try to write up as much as possible. A new camera from Santa for one of the group, Hughan (our one man Munro), should hopefully stop us making mountains look like molehills.
Anyway, I plan to make more of this layby on the information-super-highway this year. Maybe it will become something more but whatever happens…

If it’s outdoors, it’s good!

Enjoy, Davy