Sunday, 11 December 2011

This Is Just The Beginning...

The snow is back on the hills and, if you are anything like us, it's been too long since we've had the white stuff under foot. Getting back into the swing of winter is hard on the body and the senses. Cold, damp, hot aches, winter boots - to name a few of what the upcoming season holds for us.

But we're all still out there putting ourselves through these pains, knowingly! Why? The pictures below show how a simple walk in the summer can turn into an Alpine looking wonderland when the flakes fall. The Arrochar Alps!

We’re waiting for the climbing routes to consolidate and getting our flailing fitness back (some of us) to a position where we can enjoy the walk in and the climb. At the moment I know that my personal fitness would be an issue on the hill. Brushing up on the winter skills is a must as well; ice axes, crampons, emergency procedures. This link is useful for anyone who’s unsure - Winter Essentials for Hillwalkers and Mountaineers

Anyway, I’m not a guide (unfortunately!) and this blog entry is just to show off Scotland’s surroundings. A couple of pictures from today from our back garden, well, just up the road…

Thanks to James for the photos from today. There's a whole season to look forward to and more photos to take to reflect on. What they don't show is how you feel when you're out there; you just need to go!