Thursday, 19 April 2012

Look What Arrived Today...

Some of you may remember a previous post about a windshirt. I know I've gone a bit quiet about it but I have been doing some stuff behind the scenes. Above is a selection of colours of Pertex Quantum which was kindly donated by Rab. So thanks to Jane who organised it and posted them up to me. 

She did qualify this with "[the] cuttings of 24” in the warp direction which will make pattern cutting tricky (particularly for back and front panel pieces) and would require some creative sewing together of lengths to get enough for construction." I don't really knows what that means but we have fabric! Nice colours as well. (No orange though Sandy)

I have a friend who knows someone who works at a local college that teaches textile design which includes construction. I am being patient at the moment for news of a prospective candidate. Also, I'm being patient because my drawing/sketching is poor and I'm not happy that what I imagine is how it looks on paper. 

I have been incredibly sad and have been found in local outdoor shop checking out hoods and the construction of different garments. I think I'll probably be banned soon. I think the hood is the thing that's baffling me the most. Wind shirt material is so thin. How can it be given strength so that it doesn't sound like you have a Morrisons bag on your head? Different type of material or double it up? Any more suggestions or thoughts stick them down below.

Well another step forward and we'll see where it goes from here.