Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hello, Remember Me...

Wow, it's April and I have been as illusive as the Malaysian airplane!!
Well it hasn't taken an international search mission to bring me out of hiding. As with everyone else, life has just prevented me from being around. I admit I have been skulking about in the background but not really keeping up with what's been going on.
I have managed to get out a couple of times to my local hills and also when the time allowed managed to get some indoor climbing done at my local indoor wall, the Glasgow Climbing Centre, and I recently joined the indoor ice climbing wall at Snow Factor

I'll admit it's a much more pleasant walk in than I'm used to and with the bar so close who could resist?!? It does kind of keep your hand in, as it were, but certainly no substitute for a real rock and ice concoction. Although, it's not trying to be. I have my daughter booked in for some ski lessons on the attached slopes to start her on her outdoor journey.
I also managed to the UK & Ireland Banff Mountain Film Festival in the bright lights of London. I was working down there and the Glasgow showing was on Valentines day, it wouldn't of gone down well if I had proposed we share a freeze dried meal whilst watching outdoor films!! I saw Film Programme B which on the whole was good. The stand out films for me were Spice Girl and a very short film called The Questions We Ask (link is the actual film). My own personal opinion is the film that the let the night down was Heaven's Gate with wingsuit man Jeb Corliss, I like a good wingsuit youtube clip as much as the next guy but I don't think it needed to be 48 minutes long. That was my fourth time at the festival and I will definitely keep going back.
I have a lot I want to do and not enough days in the week to do it. The big balancing act of life will remain a challenge but I need to start getting more of the outdoors on the scales.
For those who are interested I will have a quick succession of gear to get on here. Love it or hate it, it is part of certainly my passion and as long as I can I'd like to keep sharing my own thoughts on what is out there.
So, how have you all been? What have I missed?