Thursday, 18 September 2014

Passion From Passionate People

The Scottish nation is just about evenly divided. And the population is at fever pitch. There's been a lot of allegations of verbal abuse from both sides, some more than verbal. Scotland is a very passionate country so as much as I don't condone it, I'm not surprised.
I have been a proud Scot all my life, before the independence referendum process started and I will continue to be for the rest of my days.

So on Thursday we will cast our vote and at some point on Friday morning the results of Scotland's future will be decided.

It doesn't matter what way I'm going to vote, it's what happens next that counts. From Friday the 19th of September Yes and No ceases to exist. The minority, no matter how slim the margin, need to accept the result and we as Scots need to reunite to make sure Scotland is the best country it can be.

How long it takes for acceptance to settle in and the equilibrium to return is an unknown. For some it may never happen, lets hope that's a small percentage.
Inevitably on Friday a new chapter starts, how that chapter will begin isn't written yet but the underlying theme that will remain is a Scottish identity...