Monday, 29 September 2014

Thankful Of The Rest

This September weekend me and the family went for an impromptu overnighter up to the west cost of these fine isles. It wasn't a camping night as I wouldn't be allowed to do that to them.

So we headed up to Loch Lomond and had a picnic at Luss. The car park was mobbed as usual, the weather wasn't bad, bit overcast but as it's September can't really complain. 
 Next it was over the Rest And Be Thankful and around the head of Loch Fyne  and down to Inveraray. Again the place was really busy. Popped into the Whiskey Shop, which is always nice and stuck our head in to the prison. We didn't go round as it's not he cheapest and it was a bit late in the day.
To get back to the digs we backtracked around Loch Fyne to Cairndow. The Stagecoach Inn, it's a nice place and the food and liquid refreshments were more than adequate. I'd definitely recommend it, the views and the surroundings are stunning.
Just along the road is the Ardkinglas Woodlands Garden's which is the home to Britain's Tallest Tree. The path that winds round the gardens is interesting and beautiful.
Now you can't be in this area and not stop off at the oyster bar and deli. We picked up some nice bits and had a wander round the place.
The view up Glen Fyne was stunning and I could of wandered around there all day.
 The sign below pointed out a tree house tucked behind the Oyster bar up the hill a bit.
 It was a bit further away than the sketch let on but once my daughter and I started up the path there wasn't any point in turning back until we found it.
 It's always good to get away especially in such amazing surroundings and the weather was a major bonus too.