Wednesday, 29 February 2012

We March On...

I promised myself I wouldn't do this but it seems I'm letting my blog down. I have posted one blog this month!! Fair enough it's been short month but they've stuck an extra day on for good measure this year.

Managed to get out a couple of times this month, with the highlight being Petesy's Come Out and Play weekend. Met some new outdoor buddies there. And tried some new kit out in a very picture-esque but chilly Arrochar. 

There is a trip report and several gear reviews in progress at the moment. My trip report seems to be going and going. I think I may need to cut it down or break it into manageable parts. How many words is manageable for a post I wonder? Answers on a post card.

I have been checking out my blogger stats and they do keep getting better. I know that's not what blogging is all about but it's nice to know someones looking. Even if it is spammers! Had to delete a couple of comments from the pole blog this month. My twitter followers have gone in to treble figures this month, woo hoo!! I'm sure that'll drop down again when people unfollow me when I don't follow them back. I still stand by my policy - if they're not outdoor related then they don't get followed back. That includes my sister-in-law, she's still waiting to be followed. #keepwaiting

Anyway, got a couple of weeks of hard day job work then I can get back on with some blogging. I'm going to try and get the trip report from Come Out and Play out this weekend. There's been a couple of good posts from Scottish Mountaineer, Michael Thomson and Big Banana Mountains so far. Still waiting on a couple of others which I'm looking forward to.

As we March on I hope you have a great spring. It's coming, the winter's gone I think.

Have fun and be safe,