Monday, 26 March 2012

The Perfect Windshirt.

Earlier on this evening there was a bit of a twittersation on the merits of different windshirts and the pro’s and con’s of different features. It mentioned mods made to improve certain bits of kit and the fear of making the first incision.

The way I see it with the amount of experience among those chatting the perfect windshirt could be born. I have thought in the past about features required to make the perfect item. I have put pencil to paper before and it’ll probably go no further than that. I’m definitely not a product designer but I know what works for me and I know what doesn’t. There are features that I like but they don’t feature on the same bit of kit, is there reasons for that? What if we were able to build/design a garment that actually works for outdoors people.

What features would it have? What material would it be made of? Hybrid panelling? How many pockets? What weight would it need to be? Thumb-loops or velcro cuffs? Or both??

So what’s the plan? Well, lets throw all the features in the hat come up with a design and see where it goes. I may know and a man who knows man who has an uncle, to coin a phrase. And if that doesn’t work then why can’t we take it to the big guys, I’m sure they have plenty spare time for a project?!?

I’m sure the design can be produced better than doing it on an etch-a-sketch but if we design it…

So lets make a list, what do you want to see? Comments required.

Can’t wait to hear what the thoughts are, Davy